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Bioactive Health Products are, health products, that contain Iridoids to support the immune system, boost energy, safety promote heart health, help balance cholesterol levels, maintain healthy brain function, improve joint health and protect against free radicals. Iridoids, are powerful bioactive compounds, that fortify the body and protect healthy cells.

Tahitan Noni Bioactive Beverages, are used by athletes to boost energy levels and endurance. After only three weeks, 40 middle to long-distance runners in a recent scientific study reportedly," increased their endurance 21% after using Tahitian Noni Products."
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Carbohydrates and their benefits

Carbohydrates are a basic source of energy.
They are stored in the body as glycogen in virtually all tissues;
principally in the liver and muscles. Also, they are absorbed in the form of glucose, galactose, or fructose. 
Carbohydrates are present in food in digestible and indigestible forms.
Those which can be utilized are an important source of energy.

Those which can be utilized are an important source of energy.
Those which can’t be utilized (usually some form of cellulose)
are beneficial in adding bulk to the diet.
 Carbohydrate Food Sources
Whole grains
legumes (peas and beans)
refined sugars