Fiber and Water are Essential to Dietary Intake

Fiber is found in all fruits and vegetables. It supports the work of the digestive system. Water replaces the fluids that are lost from sweat and urine. Fiber and water are essential to dietary intake.

Fiber plays an important role in the digestive process by adding bulk into the feces, and binding water during the digestion process, that encourages the passage of waste products through the bowel. Therefore, it plays a vital role in proper bowel functioning. It is also, believed to aid in the protection of some diseases of the digestive tract.

Good Sources of Fiber:
Fiber comes from the tough skin and flesh of fruits, and the husks of grains. Some good sources of fiber are whole grain bread; pasta, brown rice, apples, bananas, grape fruits, oranges, strawberries, broccoli, brussels sprouts, dried beans, spinach, peas, raisins, almonds, prunes, and dried apricots.

__ Ellen J. Barrier

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